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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Mobile, Is the New Marquee"

Mobile is the new Marquee and if IT providers are not moving forward in diversifying their product mix and offerings, then they are falling behind, or so the cliché goes. 

Our own mobile offerings will follow, but first our observations on your behalf regarding DDR, DIMMs and SO-DIMMs for servers, desktops and notebooks.  While tablet, iPhone and Android sales have eclipsed PC sales for every manufacturer on the planet, for more robust and cyber-secure business use, they don’t provide the raw computing horse-power many entities (or individuals) require.  With fewer hardware sales and all but disappearing margins, we’ve seen a plunge in DRAM quality control as re-sellers and distributors attempt to prop up profits with some sub-standard components. Therefore, it’s never been more important to trust us with your memory needs: Cisco, Lenovo, HP, Dell, IBM and Apple demand quality components for optimal efficiency.  Our 30 year proven reputation insures you’re getting guaranteed and OEM approved modules, passing far more rigorous testing procedures then our competition, who is scrambling to replace lost margin due to depreciating values.

That said, DDR2 is up a bit in price since manufacturing is stagnate on output.  DDR3 remains the de facto “standard bearer”, and we have a warehouse full of them and assure their compatibility for ANY system requirement --- all with ISO 9000 certification.  

However, if Mobile is your mantra, we have what you need:
·        StoreJet cloud and Wi-Fi cards: hours of wireless connection for 5 simultaneous devices from 32GB to 128GB

·        SDHC Class 10 600x flash Memory Cards:  3.01 standard, ECC, CPRM, ISP firmware updating 

·        iPad/tablet cabinets: industry-best locking mechanism, storage, simultaneous charging vaults, more features and less cost of competing Bretford

Also prolific in our thirst for PC Power:

·        SSD’s :  80% faster load time, no moving parts and obsolescing mechanical hard drives up to 480GB capacities

·        StoreJet Mobile:  portables with 1TB of confidence

·        Industrial/Embedded Flash:   cyber-secure and prone reliability for government, insurance, financial and health care applications

And The Upgrade Place can still extend the life of your older systems with Full Warranties and dependability for SDRAM and more.  Even with Mobile as a 'must' we’ll never abandon the thousands of clients relying on our expertise and promise of support for the variety of devices now streamlining our lives and businesses. 

The Upgrade Place has a wide range of  Products and other Wireless Technology Upgrades to suit any storage need. For information on Memory, Hard Drives, SSD's or other upgrade products call us at 800.338.1531 or email