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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Expand Your Mobile Storage with the Only Flash Drive for Your iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire & More!

The AirStash is the first and only pocketable wireless storage and media streaming device. It is a standard wireless network that can be accessed by multiple users anywhere, anytime. Have the freedom to enjoy movies, TV shows, and music wherever you are. It even allows you to share and play different media files on several devices simultaneously.

AirStash turns your iPad into a portable productivity tool. View, edit, save and share documents right from your iPad. The AirStash works as a standard USB flash drive, to easily receive and share files with laptops and desktops. No internet connection is required, therefore, a WiFi hotspot is not needed.  Put AirStash in your briefcase or pocket and share files with your business associates and friends without waiting for email. 

The AirStash lets you view and import photos from a standard SD/SDHC card that can store up to 32GB of media at a time.  Share photos wirelessly; up to eight simultaneous users can connect to the AirStash at once. 

Turn your car into a media access point on your next road trip with an AirStash in the glove box. Send music to the front seat and stream movies to the back seat at the same time. Let your passengers choose their own movies or music to enjoy on their individual iPod touch devices. Review files or kick back and relax when you bring AirStash on a WiFi allowed flight. Because AirStash makes its own network, you don't need to be tied to one.


·        No internet access required: Built-in web server, media streamer and WebDAV server  
·        Portable and compact
·        Can be used as a standard USB flash drive
·        Uses a standard SD/SDHC card for additional storage
·        Compatibility with even more apps for the iPhone and iPad
·        Compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Kindle Fire, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, Windows Phone 7, and many Android devices.


·        WPA2 encryption for better wireless security
·        Speed: 802.11g (up to 54mbit/s), USB 2.0 high speed
·        Range: 160ft (50m): line-of-sight
·        Capacity: infinitely expandable with up to 32GB SDHC cards
·        Built-in rechargeable lithum polymer
·        Operating duration of up to 7 hours

The AirStash is part wireless flash drive and part media streamer and is the perfect flash drive for use with your iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and more!  See the AirStash flash drives here!