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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Introducing the DoD Erase and USB 3.0 support Standalone USB duplicator line!

Introducing the NEW Standalone USB duplicator line that has DoD erase functions for USB, SD and microSD media along with full support for USB 3.0 flash drives.

With lightening fast transfer speeds and simple one-button operation, these duplicators are perfect for businesses, the banking Industry, telecommunications and any other field where numerous flash memory devices need USB drives to be copied to and/or erased quickly.  The firmware supports Department of Defense (DoD) Erase functions which meets government security standards.

Key Features:
  • Department Of Defense (DoD) Erase function
  • DoD erase is three cycle write process of 0’s – 1’s – 0’s.
  • Erase function supports USB, SD and microSD media
  • Standalone USB duplicators fully support USB 3.0 flash drives
  • Standalone duplicator, no PC or software required
  • 1 Master, 31 Target configuration
  • Over 1800MBs per minute copy speed to each port
  • Asynchronous duplication for masters up to 256MB
  • Real time performance feedback & status on LCD
  • USB sticks are immediately enumerated and ready
  • Copy, Copy & Verify, Erase and Format functions
  • Supports FAT, FAT32, NTFS, Linux (Ext 2, Ext 3)
  • Auto start once unit is fully populated
  • Contemporary design with heavy duty case for 24/7 operation 

The Full Erase function writes a cycle of zero’s to all sectors of a flash memory device and clears out any partition tables.  The DoD Erase function employs a three cycle write pattern where a first pass of Zero’s are written to the entire device, a second pass of One’s are written to the entire device and finally a third pass of Zero’s are written to all areas of the flash device. Through this redundancy write cycle process there is no chance to recover residual files on a flash memory device.

 USB Duplicators are compact, reliable and cost-effective solutions which allow you to get more done in less time. See the Nexcopy 16 Port Standalone USB Flash Drive Duplicator USB115SA and Nexcopy USB131SA 32port Standalone USB Flash Drive-Duplicator

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