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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is your laptop doomed for extinction?

State of the Industry in Q1 of 2012

Even with two natural disasters in 2011, the earthquake in Japan and the flooding in Thailand, transportation channels and manufacturing capabilities for DRAM, flash and hard drives have leveled off to meet and insure market demand. Both DRAM and flash prices declined precipitously last year, in part due to gaining popularity of iPads and other TouchPad devices that generally do not require or leave room for much upgrade potential by definition of their very niche. However, don't count on laptops defaulting to the way of the dinosaur anytime in the near term future. Certainly sales have declined in favor of the cheaper devices just mentioned, but they just don't translate into the higher performance applications required by more serious business and professional users. Apps are taking the entire globe by storm and transforming the mobile industry in ways never imagined five years ago, but sometimes a mere app simply won't do and sometimes The ubiquitous Cloud won't do either. So let's not eulogize the laptop or resident server just yet. Corporations still need to exert control, or at least portray the illusion of it, to employees and clients alike, and cyber security remains THE top concern for databases that are continually combed containing proprietary personal information, health and financial records and social networking/online buying trends.

In CRN's recent announcement of 2011 "Products of the Year" three industry giants still came out on top: Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Samsung, standing in lockstep with the iconic Apple iPad and iPhone.

*The HP EliteBook 856Op is touted as one of the most robust notebooks ever made. As in 'ever'.

*The HP TouchSmart 9300 Elite boasts CRN's rigorous Test Center with accolades galore, and this is a relic (gasp) known as a Desktop!

*Dell's PowerEdge C6145 server offers more configuration arrays then ever before, harnessed into one lone machine with computation power that is staggering.

*And Samsung has dared to compete in the tablet world by launching the Galaxy 10.1 with prices and features that compete successfully with it's de facto rival.

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