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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Organize & Transport Supplies with our NEW Carts!

Our NEW line of Multi Storage Carts consolidate, organize and transport supplies in a variety of industries, such as medical, dental, hospitality, and even in the home.  Store and transport supplies effortlessly from area to area using carts made from chemically resistant high-density polyethylene and ABS - Manufactured in the USA! 

                                 Ten Ways Carts Solve Problems:

1. Save time by storing, transporting and using clean glassware, labware or plasticware right from the carts. Carts are simply cabinets on wheels offering portable storage. Many carts have large compartments for dust-protected storage.

2. Save steps and repeated trips by storing and transporting dirty glassware, labware or plasticware to sink or dishwasher right on a cart. Use carts to go around the lab or office collecting dirty glassware for safe transportation to the sink or dishwasher.

3. Use lab carts to offer private and secure transportation for sensitive samples or animals. TrippNT Lab Islands™ offer very large storage areas with easy pull-out shelves to make contents easily accessible. Several carts have easy-sliding, locking roll-top doors.

4. Make a "mini lab" on wheels, storing your personal favorite tools and supplies for easy access all over your lab or office.

5. Put a lab cart outside a sample-receiving area to collect, receive, analyze and return without transferring from container to container.

6. Create easy access for instrument maintenance by using mobile lab benches as a movable instrument bench for HPLC's, GC's, AA's and other small benchtop lab machines.

7. Use the carts as place holders to protect or direct traffic in an office, lab, visitor center, hallway or open area while offering forms, supplies, pens and a place to write.

8. Color code or number carts for each special project or product. They can store and localize all associated reports, samples and results as it travels along your pipeline.

9. Stock a cart with bulk supplies and use to make rounds filling up smaller containers for personal use. Save collecting and transporting a lot of small items.

10. Lab carts add flexibility to your lab or work area by being able to reconfigure bench space to accommodate the equipment, tools, glassware and supplies required for different projects.

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