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Friday, August 13, 2010

New Dell Streak Tablet PC Takes on iPad with Exandable Memory

Dell introduces the Streak mini-tablet PC to compete with Apple's iPad. The Android OS and expandable MicroSDHC memory slot are sure to attract buyers.

The race is on to find the perfect recipe of a Tablet PC's size and features that will overcome Apple's iPad, and Dell is surely onto some winning combinations.  Dell introduced it's mini-tablet called Streak today (August 13th) as an unlikely competitor to the iPad. 

Despite it's smaller size, the Streak adds the open source Android OS, multi-touch screen capability and most importantly an expandable MicroSDHC slot!  That means not only can you download a gazillion apps, but you have limitless storage of music, photos, videos and movies across multiple MicroSDHC cards. 

The Dell Streak comes with a 16GB MicroSDHC memory card, and you can buy additional cards to store more data as needed.  You can add up to a massive 32GB capacity MicroSDHC memory card, allowing for up to 42 movies, 32,000 photos or 16,000 songs on just one memory card!  You could use one memory card for movies, one for music and one for photos, or keep one with your favorites of each.

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