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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 is Now Available - Learn About Memory Requirements

Microsoft Office 2010 was released for sale today, offering a range of usability collaboration/sharing improvements over the 2007 versions.  Although this version won't convince the average user to buy the upgrade, power users and those who own the 2003 or older versions may want to take a look at Office 2010's benefits. Read on for a brief overview and for details on system memory requirements.

The Office 2007 users will be excited to see the old, familiar "File" menu is back under the name Backstage.  Outlook users will see the most improvements with the Conversation View & Co-Authoring feature integrated with many of the Office applications.

Other new developments include a Mobile version for smart phones, and a new, free online version called Office Web Apps.  This version is a stripped down version that lets you open, view and edit office docs (on a basic level) without purchasing the paid version.  Most advanced features are not available in the Office Web Apps version, but all Office Web Apps can be used in conjunction with the paid version.  This comes in handy if you like to travel without a computer and use public computers a lot.

Microsoft kept the Office 2010 memory requirements the same as Office 2007, which were 256MB to 512MB minimum to run the Office applications.  However, as you may know, that is the bare minimum needed to simply run Office (likely at a slow pace).  We recommend a minimum of 1GB of memory dedicated to Office, on top of the operating system.  So if you run Windows 7, which requires a minimum of 2GB to run efficiently, you'll need 3GB of memory to run Office 2010 on Windows 7 while keeping your sanity.  This will give you acceptable performance that won't keep you waiting excessively for Office to catch up to you.

Need to upgrade your computer memory for Office 2010?  Find memory upgrades for your desktop or laptop using our Memory Configurator (Memory Finder Tool).

Office 2010 does require 3GB of hard disk space upon installation, that's 1GB more than Office 2007 and 2.6GB more needed than Office 2003.  Make sure you have enough space before ordering or installing.  If you need to upgrade your hard drive, request internal hard drive pricing here.

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