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Monday, August 24, 2009

Netbook SSD Upgrades Add More Capacity and Speed

Netbooks need upgrades too! Now you can upgrade the memory and SSD storage drive to speed up your Netbook computer.

Netbook computers have become very popular as a cheaper, lighter and smaller alternative to laptops. Although they offer the portability of a spiral notebook, they tend to fall short in the performance category and have limited storage drive space from the factory. If you've owned a Netbook for long, you know how quickly you can fill up the storage drive or begin to crave more speed out of it.

Don't turn your Netbook into a hand-me-down just yet, there are now upgrades that will boost performance and extend its life cycle. Netbook Memory Upgrades are the cheapest way to boost performance and commonly easy to install yourself. Now you can kick it up a notch by upgrading the storage drive or main OS drive to turn your Netbook into a new machine again.

The OS and storage drives for Netbooks are most often Solid State Disk drives, called SSDs for short. These range in size and capacity, though smaller Netbooks are often limited to about 8GB or 16GB of drive space from the factory. With Windows XP requiring about 6GB of that to run efficiently, you're left with little room to grow.

You can now get a Netbook SSD upgrade for many popular models to increase the storage drive capacity by up to four times! Some models will even experience a performance boost over the factory SSD due to faster Read/Write speeds. Although upgrading your Netbook SSD can take some technical know-how, it can be well worth the effort. Most Netbook SSD drives are accessible through a small panel on the bottom of the computer and simply plug into the motherboard like a memory module.

Most memory upgrades come with a Lifetime Warranty for replacement and Netbook SSD warranties range from 1 year to 3 years. Contact The Upgrade Place now to find a low-cost computer memory upgrades or a Solid State Disk upgrade for your Netbook.

For all other Netbook models, Request a Quote by Email for your Netbook SSD Upgrade or Call 1-800-338-1531 now.