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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Upgrading Your Mac Memory is Now Foolproof

Are you leary of installing any third party memory in your Mac? Have no fear, for iRam is here! iRam Technology memory is made in the USA using high quality components and is 100% tested in Apple systems to guarantee compatibility. Even the newest 2009 Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook and other models that use the latest DDR3 memory.

iRam ensures 100% compatibility by custom building memory modules for each Mac system and physically testing them in a Mac during manufacturing. This is definitely a memory upgrade that many of you have been begging for. Although the iRam Technology brand is relatively new, it is manufactured in the USA by one of the largest and oldest computer memory manufacturers in the US.

If you're cost conscious (who isn't?), buying iRam memory will save you a bundle over the Apple Store. For example, an iRam 4GB upgrade (2 x 2GB modules) for a 2009 MacBook 13 inch, 2.4GHz processor sells for around $80 compared to the Apple Store's price of around $200.

Finding the right memory upgrade for your Mac has never been easier with our Mac Memory Configurator at The Upgrade Place. We are an iRam Technology partner and Authorized Seller, honoring a Lifetime Warranty on all iRam memory.

Have an Xserve Mac server? You can find Xserve compatible memory upgrades through our All Systems Memory Configurator. Feel free to post your comments, thoughts & questions. We're anxious to here from you.