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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Memory: The Cheapest & Easiest Computer Performance Upgrade

No matter how old or new your computer, upgrading the memory (RAM) can provide the most cost effective and easiest performance boost than any other upgrade.

When should you upgrade? Here are some symptoms to look for:
  • Does your Windows XP desktop or laptop have 1GB or less of memory?
  • Does your Windows Vista desktop or laptop have 2GB or less of memory?
  • Do you have multiple programs or windows open at one time?
  • Are you constantly waiting for your computer to catch up to you?

If you answered yes to any of the above, adding memory to your computer will substantially increase your computer's performance several times over. Upgrade your office, home or laptop computer today and regain precious productivity. With most 1GB memory upgrades start at less than $20 (prices vary by model), you have ROI to gain and little to lose.

Find Memory for Your Computer Here or Contact Us by phone or email to help configure and recommend the ideal memory upgrade. Trust our 25 years of upgrade experience to get you the right memory upgrade at the right price!

Upgrading an entire office? Request an Upgrade Quote for one or several systems at once here.

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