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Monday, October 26, 2009

Windows 7, 64-bit Gives You More with 8GB of RAM

Adding memory will get you the most performance out of Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit versions.
You may have noticed that many of the computer manufacturers such as HP, Compaq or Dell are offering many ready-to-ship systems with a 64-bit Windows 7 version as the standard OS.  You're not seeing a mis-print, the 64-bit Windows versions are becoming more popular for their ability to utilize memory capacities above 4GB, where the more mainstream, 32-bit versions are limited to under 4GB. 

Although the more powerful 64-bit Windows versions still have a somewhat limited compatibility with some older hardware and software, many power-users are willing to sacrifice that for higher memory capacity.  Corsair Memory's official blog entry "WINDOWS 7 AND THE BENEFITS OF ADDING MORE RAM"  by Gareth Ogden on October 20th, 2009 gives you a good idea of how the 64-bit version of Windows 7 takes full advantage of running 8GB of RAM versus 4GB. 

Gareth Ogden at Corsair states: 

"The launch of the new Windows 7 operating system from Microsoft presents budding enthusiasts and early adopters with some exciting opportunities to improve the way in which they use their PCs. Windows 7 has received widespread critical acclaim, and for good reason, because it offers some compelling advantages compared to previous Microsoft operating systems. And by upgrading your existing PC, or building a new Window 7-based PC, you can maximise these benefits.

One such benefit is that Windows 7 is highly efficient at making use of high-density memory kits, by which I mean kits of 8GB or larger. Combined with Windows 7’s slick new user interface, which makes it simple to use and manage multiple open applications, Windows 7 is the ideal operating system to really take advantage of the 64-bit memory addressing and multi-tasking capabilities of modern processors...

...With 8GB or more of RAM there is basically enough space in which to store all the data the operating system needs, whereas with 4GB or less you often experience performance ‘blips’ or stutters that occur as a result of the system accessing data in the paging file on the storage drive.

The best way to experience how adding memory improves the responsiveness/feel of the computer is to actually use 8GB or more of memory for a few weeks, and then drop back to 4GB. As Joni Mitchell famously said (though probably not in relation to DDR memory), “you don’t know what you’ve got ‘till its gone.” and this is very true of more RAM. With 8GB or more you simply get used to the smoothness and responsiveness of the system, and the ability to leave all your applications running. The latter aspect is where Windows 7 really helps because, as mentioned earlier, the interface intelligently manages the different windows and applications, making it easy to navigate."

Windows 32-bit versions are a good choice for the average user with older hardware and/or software, or someone who only uses one or two windows at a time.  Those who consistently bog down their computer with multiple windows, programs and memory intensive processes, the 64-bit versions will serve them well.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is Windows 7 Worth Upgrading to?

Wondering if it's worth upgrading to Windows 7?  Read on to find out more about new features, system requirements and whether you should upgrade or not. 
Microsoft launched Windows 7 today across the nation and has everybody wondering if it is worth upgrading.  Considering Vista was mostly a disappointment with slow performance, nagging security screens and a lacked any must-have features; most people are hesitant to jump up and buy a copy today.  While most people will find Windows 7 more convenient and user friendly than previous versions, there are some pitfalls to upgrading.

Will My Computer Run Windows 7? 

Microsoft claims Windows 7 requires less horsepower to run, however Microsoft's own recommended system requirements are no different from Vista's.  We recommend a minimum of 3GB of RAM memory for 32-bit versions of Windows 7 and at least 4GB for 64-bit versions (with 8GB ideal). 

If you're upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7, your find it is much easier than upgrading with past Windows versions.  You can simply insert the shiny new Windows 7 CD ROM and follow the instructions.  This doesn't require you to save your data on an external hard drive (although we highly recommend it), wipe your computer's hard drive clean and install Windows 7 as a "custom, clean or fresh" install.

If upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7, things get a bit more difficult.  You MUST save your data on an external hard drive, then install Windows 7 as a "custom, clean or fresh" install, copy your data back to your computer and then re-install any programs you had on XP...only you'll need to make sure they're Windows 7 compatible.

If you're upgrading an existing computer to Windows 7 rather than buying a new PC, make sure to use Microsoft's Window's 7 Upgrade Advisor to scan your computer for potential compatibility issues with hardware or installed software.  Most hardware and software makers have Windows 7 compatible drivers/versions available for download.  If your antivirus isn't Windows 7 compatible, contact the software maker to see if you can get an updated version for free.

Is Windows 7 Worth Upgrading to?

Vista users will be pleased with Windows 7's easier interface and fewer nagging security messages.  Although not all new features are must-have's, it's a better experience overall.  See the top 10 reasons to upgrade to Windows 7.

XP users will be excited over easier file, device and printer sharing between computers as well as a multi-tasker friendly interface.  See Windows 7's Benefits Over XP.  In some cases, it may be more cost worthy to buy a new computer pre-loaded with Windows 7 rather than upgrade from XP.  Just make sure the new PC is loaded with at least 3GB of memory.  Shop for More RAM Memory Here.

The bottom line is Windows 7 offers a much improved user experience over Vista with a handful of added features.  Regardless of how you get there, Windows 7 will benefit greatly in click-response by installing more RAM memory.  It's the least expensive and easiest way to boost the speed of your computer regardless of which Windows version you're using!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rugged New USB Flash Drive is Drop, Dust & Water Proof

The JetFlash V70 is a USB Flash Drive that withstands harsh elements and physical abuse.

If you expose your gadgets to a military degree of abuse, there's now a USB Flash Drive built just for you.  The Transcend JetFlash V70 is dust proof, water proof and has earned a Military Drop Test Rating (MIL-STD-810F 516.5 - Transit Drop) to become one of the most durable flash drives you can buy.

As a Transcend Partner and Authorized Seller of Transcend brand products, The Upgrade Place offers you discount prices and priority support for all Transcend products.

The JetFlash V70's eco-friendly, silicone rubberized case provides a firm grip even when wet and absorbs the impact of accidental drops and vibrations.  As if protection from the elements and abuse wasn't enough, Transcend also offers a Lifetime Warranty for replacement on the JetFlash V70.

The JetFlash V70 comes with a free, downloadable software pack called JetFlash Elite.  With this, you can utilize several convenient and powerful data management tools you'll appreciate.

The JetFlash Elite Software pack inlcudes:
  • PC-Lock:  Acts as a key that locks your PC while you're away from it
  • AES 256bit File Encryption and/or Password Protection
  • Backup/Restore/Synchronize files between home & work
  • Mobile Email Access to several email accounts from any PC via internet
  • Mobile Website Favorites
  • Website Auto-Login where a username & password are required
JetFlash V70 Capacities:  4GB | 8GB | 16GB

Monday, August 24, 2009

Netbook SSD Upgrades Add More Capacity and Speed

Netbooks need upgrades too! Now you can upgrade the memory and SSD storage drive to speed up your Netbook computer.

Netbook computers have become very popular as a cheaper, lighter and smaller alternative to laptops. Although they offer the portability of a spiral notebook, they tend to fall short in the performance category and have limited storage drive space from the factory. If you've owned a Netbook for long, you know how quickly you can fill up the storage drive or begin to crave more speed out of it.

Don't turn your Netbook into a hand-me-down just yet, there are now upgrades that will boost performance and extend its life cycle. Netbook Memory Upgrades are the cheapest way to boost performance and commonly easy to install yourself. Now you can kick it up a notch by upgrading the storage drive or main OS drive to turn your Netbook into a new machine again.

The OS and storage drives for Netbooks are most often Solid State Disk drives, called SSDs for short. These range in size and capacity, though smaller Netbooks are often limited to about 8GB or 16GB of drive space from the factory. With Windows XP requiring about 6GB of that to run efficiently, you're left with little room to grow.

You can now get a Netbook SSD upgrade for many popular models to increase the storage drive capacity by up to four times! Some models will even experience a performance boost over the factory SSD due to faster Read/Write speeds. Although upgrading your Netbook SSD can take some technical know-how, it can be well worth the effort. Most Netbook SSD drives are accessible through a small panel on the bottom of the computer and simply plug into the motherboard like a memory module.

Most memory upgrades come with a Lifetime Warranty for replacement and Netbook SSD warranties range from 1 year to 3 years. Contact The Upgrade Place now to find a low-cost computer memory upgrades or a Solid State Disk upgrade for your Netbook.

For all other Netbook models, Request a Quote by Email for your Netbook SSD Upgrade or Call 1-800-338-1531 now.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Make Clones of USB Flash Drives & Flash Memory Cards

Copy photo, music or data files to multiple USB Flash Drives or Flash Memory Cards in one easy step.

Do you distribute photos, music, data or programs using multiple USB Flash Drives or Flash Memory Cards? These efficient data duplicators let you create multiple copies of a USB Flash Drive or Flash Memory Card simultaneously.

Choose from several models and capacities to fit your needs, including PC-based or stand-alone models from Aleratec and Nexcopy. These easy-to-use duplicators have powerful, yet flexible features that allow you to extract, copy or erase data through a user-friendly interface.

Aleratec Duplicators

Nexcopy Duplicators

Shop All USB Flash Drive Duplicators

Shop All Flash Memory Duplicators

Memory: The Cheapest & Easiest Computer Performance Upgrade

No matter how old or new your computer, upgrading the memory (RAM) can provide the most cost effective and easiest performance boost than any other upgrade.

When should you upgrade? Here are some symptoms to look for:
  • Does your Windows XP desktop or laptop have 1GB or less of memory?
  • Does your Windows Vista desktop or laptop have 2GB or less of memory?
  • Do you have multiple programs or windows open at one time?
  • Are you constantly waiting for your computer to catch up to you?

If you answered yes to any of the above, adding memory to your computer will substantially increase your computer's performance several times over. Upgrade your office, home or laptop computer today and regain precious productivity. With most 1GB memory upgrades start at less than $20 (prices vary by model), you have ROI to gain and little to lose.

Find Memory for Your Computer Here or Contact Us by phone or email to help configure and recommend the ideal memory upgrade. Trust our 25 years of upgrade experience to get you the right memory upgrade at the right price!

Upgrading an entire office? Request an Upgrade Quote for one or several systems at once here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two External Hard Drives that Redefine Cool

StoreJet 3.5 Ultra USB/eSATA Hard Drive StoreJet 25F USB Hard Drive
Two new external hard drives from Transcend have redefined what is "cool" in portable storage.

The StoreJet 25F and the StoreJet 3.5 Ultra offer cool looks or cool performance with massive amounts of storage. The StoreJet 25F is a compact portable USB 2.0 hard drive with stylish looks that easily fits up to 500GB of data into your shirt pocket. The StoreJet 3.5 Ultra offers storage up to 1TB in an aluminum, table-top style case, USB 2.0 and eSATA cable connections and a built-in silent 80mm fan for optimum cooling and performance.

Both StoreJet drives come with a free copy of Transcend's StoreJet Elite powerful software that is packed full of convenience and productivity tools.

FREE StoreJet Elite software pack (for Windows only) includes:

  • Intelligent Backup Scheduling with Restore capabilities
  • Synchronize files between computers...always work with the most current file
  • Secure data encryption
  • File compression
  • One-Click auto website login
  • Mobile email feature
  • Mobile Website favorites

Choose which external hard drive fits your needs: The compact and stylish StoreJet Mobile 25F (USB 2.0) or the massive capacity of the StoreJet 3.5 Ultra (USB 2.0/eSATA).

StoreJet 25F

Capacities: 250GB 320GB 500GB

StoreJet 3.5 Ultra

Enclosure Only (no drive) 500GB 1TB

Anti-virus USB Flash Drive Adds More Protection

A new USB Flash Drive from Transcend now includes Trend Micro Antivirus software to keep your data even more safe than ever.

The Transcend JetFlash V15 USB Flash Drive comes pre loaded with the Trend Micro USB Security software to protect your data from viruses and malware which may be passed to the flash drive from a PC. Trend Micro is a leading antivirus software maker with a proven track record in the industry. Many individuals, companies and even schools continually battle viruses which can be passed to their computers from an friend's or employee's USB flash drive, most likely contracted from a another computer.

Trend Micro's USB Security software has an easy to use interface and one-step activation process. It actively detects and blocks viruses from being copied to the flash drive from the time it is plugged into a computer's USB port.

The JetFlash V15 downloads and installs virus security updates through a computer's internet connection. A 90-day virus update subscription is included with the flash drive. After the 90-day trial, a 1-year subscription to virus definitions updates may be purchased for around $20 directly from Trend Micro's online store.

A retractable USB plug protects it when not in use and eliminates the problem of losing the cap. The JetFlash V15 comes with Transcend's free JetFlash Elite software which includes added security, productivity and convenience features.

JetFlash Elite software includes:

  • Backup, Restore and Synchronization of files on a PC
  • Mobile Email Access from any PC

  • Mobile Internet Website Favorites

  • AutoLogin Username & Password Entry

  • File Encryption for added file security

  • The JetFlash V15 is available with 4GB or 8GB of storage and is covered by a lifetime warranty for replacement. At prices starting under $15, you have nothing to lose and everything to protect. Get yours today!

    Tuesday, May 19, 2009

    Eye-Fi Wirelessly Sends Your Photos to Your Computer or Photo Website

    Do you wish your digital camera could magically send your photos to your computer or photo sharing website? Now it can!

    Eye-Fi memory cards hold your digital camera pictures like any other memory card, but they can wirelessly and automatically upload them to your computer or even a photo sharing website! That's right, no cables, no card readers and no hands are needed.

    How It Works

    Eye-Fi brand memory cards use advanced Wi-Fi technology to connect to a nearby wireless internet connection and automatically start transferring photos to your desired location. Simply walk into your home, turn on your camera and walk's that easy. Pictures are sent to an Eye-Fi server via the internet and then delivered to a designated folder on your computer or to one of over 20 different photo sharing, printing, blogging or social networking websites. View Eye-Fi partnered photo destination websites. Your computer doesn’t even need to be turned on since the photos are held online until you power on your computer.

    As if that's not cool enough, some Eye-Fi cards can connect to over 10,000 public Wi-Fi hotspots in the USA through their Hotspot Access service or utilize Geotagging to see a map of where you took the picture. You first set up the card using the included USB card reader to choose the destination and connect it to your home wireless network. After that, the Eye-Fi card will automatically transmit photos when your camera is powered on and idle when in range of your Wi-Fi network.

    The Hotspot Access service connects to over 10,000 Wayport public Wi-Fi locations or "hotspots" across the USA for uploading photos. Such locations include most McDonald's restaurants, major hotels, airports and more. You can move photos off your camera while you eat a burger, read the paper or use your Blackberry.

    Geotagging adds geographic location tags to your photos (based on nearby Wi-Fi networks), so your memories are easier to search, categorize or simply remember where you were.

    Learn More about...

    Which Eye-Fi Card is Right for You?

    Compare Eye-Fi Cards to find out which fits your needs.

    Eye-Fi cards are compatible with most cameras that use SD or SDHC memory cards. Check Your Camera's Compatibility Here. Some cameras, known as Eye-Fi Connected cameras, are optimized for Eye-Fi cards to automatically adjust power settings and display when pictures are being transmitted.

    So if your looking for an easier way to move pictures from your camera to your computer or photo sharing website, get an Eye-Fi card. You'll have more time to spend taking pictures or eating burgers.

    Compare Eye-Fi Cards

    Shop Eye-Fi SD Cards

    Shop Eye-Fi SDHC Cards

    Wednesday, April 29, 2009

    Transcend StoreJet Mobile - Portable USB Hard Drives Just Got Tougher (and Smarter)

    If your friends consider you "accident prone", you're going to love the StoreJet 2.5 Mobile from Transcend. This rugged external USB hard drive incorporates a three-stage, anti-shock design that protects the internal hard drive from data loss or damage from accidental bumps or falls. In fact, it has earned a military drop-test rating (MIL-STD-810F 516.5 procedure IV) that measures the durability of a product by dropping it on every face, edge and corner onto a hard surface a total of 26 times from a height of 4 feet.

    Although we certainly don't recommend anyone purposely abusing their hard drive, you can trust that your data is much more safe in this drive in the event of an accidental drop.

    Despite it's tough attitude, the StoreJet 2.5 Mobile is user friendly and full of fun tools with the FREE StoreJet Elite software pack (for Windows only). The StoreJet Elite includes:
    • OneTouch Auto-Backup: Backup selected files at the push of a button on the drive

    • File Encryption: Secure your data with AES 256-bit encryption

    • Mobile Website Favorites: Access your favorite websites anywhere

    • One-Click Auto Website Login: It remembers your website login passwords for you

    • Mobile Email Feature: Send and receive email from multiple accounts on any computer

    • Synchronize Files: Easily synchronize your files between work and home computers.

    The StoreJet 2.5 Mobile comes in Red/Black or Black/Orange with capacities from 160GB t0 500GB. It's powered through the USB cable, so you won't fill up your laptop bag with yet another power cord. If you're still not impressed, it comes with a 2 year warranty, installs itself within seconds of plugging it in, has earned the prestigious Good Design Award and costs less than a nice dinner for two (and lasts longer). gave the StoreJet 2.5 Mobile a #1 rating by a large margin against other "tough" drives. The bottom line is, the StoreJet 2.5 Mobile is compact, easy to use and gives the clumsy types a reason to save their duct tape and super glue for something else.

    Shop for the StoreJet 2.5 Mobile

    CNET Review (Video)

    See Online Brochure

    Thursday, April 16, 2009

    Upgrading Your Mac Memory is Now Foolproof

    Are you leary of installing any third party memory in your Mac? Have no fear, for iRam is here! iRam Technology memory is made in the USA using high quality components and is 100% tested in Apple systems to guarantee compatibility. Even the newest 2009 Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook and other models that use the latest DDR3 memory.

    iRam ensures 100% compatibility by custom building memory modules for each Mac system and physically testing them in a Mac during manufacturing. This is definitely a memory upgrade that many of you have been begging for. Although the iRam Technology brand is relatively new, it is manufactured in the USA by one of the largest and oldest computer memory manufacturers in the US.

    If you're cost conscious (who isn't?), buying iRam memory will save you a bundle over the Apple Store. For example, an iRam 4GB upgrade (2 x 2GB modules) for a 2009 MacBook 13 inch, 2.4GHz processor sells for around $80 compared to the Apple Store's price of around $200.

    Finding the right memory upgrade for your Mac has never been easier with our Mac Memory Configurator at The Upgrade Place. We are an iRam Technology partner and Authorized Seller, honoring a Lifetime Warranty on all iRam memory.

    Have an Xserve Mac server? You can find Xserve compatible memory upgrades through our All Systems Memory Configurator. Feel free to post your comments, thoughts & questions. We're anxious to here from you.